The work of our consultants is highly responsive to the needs and resources of our clients. We work collaboratively to increase the capacity of groups and organizations to plan for, implement and evaluate strategies for community change.


We believe that efforts to serve and strengthen communities are most effective when they incorporate the following values:

  • Collaboration and collective impact
  • Racial equity and social justice
  • Innovation in response to a rapidly changing environment
  • Decision-making based on data, collective experience, and insight


Developmental Evaluation

Accelerating change and supporting community and social impact initiatives utilizing quantitative and qualitative tools like observations, one-on-one interviews, pre- and post-action reviews, risk and benefit analyses, and the application of collective impact/community change frameworks in real time

Outcome-Based Evaluation

Evaluating the outcomes of established programs through logic modeling, the identification of measurable outcomes and indicators, the identification and creation of measurement tools, data collection and analysis, results reporting in real time, and using results for improvement.

Creative Impact Exploration

Utilizing creative facilitation and incorporating artistic media to explore and demonstrate impact through visual mapping, storytelling and expressive writing, creative stakeholder engagement, photography, and the development of multimedia presentations

Needs Assessment & Marketing Research
Supporting organizations in developing insights into the clients and communities they serve through analysis of community indicators, reviews of existing research, needs assessment surveys and interviews, and surveys/focus groups
Strategic Planning & Organizational Improvement

Supporting organizations in an exploration of their strengths and challenges as they relate to their mission, vision, and values, creating new strategies to improve program and organizational performance, and developing action plans with the components needed for continuous improvement

Training & Capacity Building

Working with individuals and organizations to develop their internal capacities in planning, evaluation, and the facilitation of collaborations and collective impact through training workshops and individualized coaching

Grant Development

Working with clients to help them understand grant applications, design programs and initiatives that are responsive to funders’ requirements and expectations, develop clear statements of outcomes and impacts, create evaluation plans and methods, and write/submit proposals